EU: Arab peace initiative "our reference point"

BRUSSELS, Dec 7 (KUNA) — EU High Representative Federica Mogherini announced Thursday that she will meet Jordanian foreign minister Ayman Safadi in Brussels tomorrow to discuss the latest developments regarding Jerusalem.
“Jordan has a very special role when it comes to the holy places. His Majesty the King of Jordan is the custodian of the holy places (in Jeruslaem) and he is a very wise man. He deserves and needs all our support and I believe we must all listen to him in these difficult times,” she told a press conference here today.
She stressed that the EU is now more convinced to play an active role in trying to re-launch the Middle East Peace Process and give the horizon of the two states a chance.
“What happens in Jerusalem is a matter for the whole region and the entire world,” she said.
“The Arab Peace Initiative remains for us a point of reference for any re-launch of negotiations,” stated the EU foreign policy chief.
“President Trumpآ’s announcement on Jerusalem has a very potential worrisome impact.. and to send us backwards to even darker times than the ones we are already living in,” she said.
She warned that the US move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel “could diminish the potential role that the US can play in the region and create more confusion around this.” The EU will keep working with the Quartet (US, Russia, UN, EU) including a larger format with the key regional players Jordan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia, she added.
On Monday in Brussels, EU foreign ministers will meet Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netnyahu to discuss the Jerusalem issue, said Mogherini. (end)

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